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At present, the use of titanium and titanium alloy casting range is still expanding, more applications are also studied, but there are still some problems:

1. Alloy varieties are less, fewer grades, basically commonly used titanium alloy are pure titanium castings and TC4 alloy castings.

2. Casting application range is small, most of the castings are employed in the petrochemical industry (industrial titanium casting), aviation, aerospace applications rarely, resulting in China's titanium casting industry, the level of technology and technology is difficult to improve.

3. Molding process is generally backward. Most manufacturers are using graphite-type modeling process (machining graphite and tamping graphite type), and casting precision casting applications rarely. Casting the casting surface is rough.

4. Smelting equipment is basically vacuum consumable electrode arc shell furnace, the smelting process is more dangerous, molten metal liquid superheat is not high, resulting in the casting surface easy to produce flow marks, cold separation and other defects, thin-walled parts forming difficult.

To improve China's titanium casting industry production backward state, to improve the whole of China's titanium industry

Body technology and technical level, the need for the following aspects of the study:

1. Improve the existing modeling process, study new adhesives and molding materials, simplify the process, shorten the production cycle, reduce

Cost of production.

2. Research and develop new smelting and casting equipment and technology to improve the superheat of molten metal, improve and improve the flow of molten titanium and filling capacity, for the development of large complex thin-walled whole casting to create favorable conditions The

3. To further expand the computer simulation of solidification technology in the application of titanium alloy casting to improve the quality of castings to reduce the scrap rate of castings.

4. Research and development of titanium alloy castings of various heat treatment processes and thermal chemical treatment technology to improve the microstructure of titanium alloy castings to improve the mechanical properties of castings. 

5. Investment casting can only produce small and medium-sized castings, should seek a production of larger, more net shape, more efficient casting process, increase the production capacity of titanium alloy castings.

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