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70 years in the United States in the aircraft engine with titanium content are basically maintained in the range of 20% to 30%. Titanium alloy parts machining more difficult,. Cost is relatively high. In order to decrease the cost of manufacturing new aircraft and engine, titanium alloy near the size of the molding process development plan, including precision forging, casting, superplasticizing, diffusion welding, powder metallurgy and other processes. Later, the practice has proved that the development of titanium alloy precision casting process to solve the quality of titanium alloy castings to improve the safety factor in aviation applications, as a high precision precision casting, saving a lot of mechanical processing hours, especially the reason The combination of several parts of the overall large-scale titanium alloy precision casting successfully developed, greatly reducing the titanium parts manufacturing costs. Which is titanium and titanium alloy casting production in the 1980s to obtain a rapid development.

By the 1990s, titanium alloy castings in petrochemical, medical equipment, precision machinery and sports equipment, also made a great advance and application. In particular, the promotion and application of titanium alloy cast golf ball head, to promote the cast titanium industry has changed. The United States, Japan, China, and Taiwan have established a titanium alloy precision casting cast golf professional factory. 90 years in the United States cast titanium production increased by five or six times. While China's total output increased by nearly 20 times.

Titanium plate and titanium alloy castings (including precision castings) in the field of aerospace applications:

In the field of aviation, aerospace, many countries of the cast titanium industry should be aviation, space development to be created. So far, in developed countries, casting aviation, aerospace products production, still accounted for more than 50%. Aircraft flap slide, the force is not so small and medium-sized structural parts, including bearings, joints, frames and hinge frame structure. Titanium alloy casting the use of a satisfactory economic results, titanium alloy casting quality continues to increase, plus and ten years of experience in the use of titanium alloy castings in the use of aircraft structural safety and reliability, has been generally accepted by the designers.

Aero engine bearing shell, bracket, connector, adapter ring, compressor casing, titanium alloy casting the whole impeller, the engine rotor hollow blade titanium alloy casting and so on. Missile spacecraft titanium alloy castings used in the missile is more common, there are the tail, warhead shell, rocket shell and connecting seat. Spacecraft and satellites used titanium alloy castings are mainly a number of bearings, frame and joints and other structural parts, artificial satellite camera frame. With the titanium machine titanium alloy castings on the application of the promotion, a lot of force structural components also began to use the titanium castings, Boeing aircraft on the lifting of the engine hanger, now use the Ti-6Al-4V precision casting, China's aircraft with the support of the engine connector, Boeing 777 aircraft up to 2.13m Ti-6242 high temperature titanium alloy insulation screen, aircraft brake shell titanium alloy castings, helicopter spin industry bracket, pulp hub and so on.

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