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Titanium and titanium alloy castings in chemical and civil applications

Titanium and titanium alloy castings in the daily industrial production also have a wide range of applications.

Titanium and titanium alloy have good corrosion resistance, chemical and other corrosion-resistant industries irreplaceable material.

Commonly used in chemical, paper, oil, alkali, metallurgy, pesticides and other industries. The main application of the product is pure titanium and titanium - palladium alloy for the casting of titanium pump, titanium fan, a variety of different types of valves, such as: globe valve, ball valve, plug valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of health quality requirements, titanium alloy with its high fatigue strength, and the human superior affinity and many other advantages, are also increasingly employed in the medical and health fields. Such as: casting titanium alloy hip repair parts, knee repair parts, human prosthesis, oral repair and so on.

The amount of titanium alloy precision castings used in the field of sports equipment is very heavy, such as: bicycle accessories, golf head. In particular, titanium alloy golf ball market capacity is the most colossal, but the casting process is more complex.

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