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Since the 1980s, titanium and titanium alloy castings in aviation, aerospace and other applications every year to 20% rate of increase. Casting process, has been developed by a single piece of casting for a few pieces or dozens of parts into a large group of integrated castings.

The scope of application has been from the immediate force of the non-critical static structure to develop into a component of the aircraft engine components, completely replace some of the deformation of titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, steel. With the aircraft engine on the thrust ratio and stiffness requirements of the increase, which requires some of the key titanium alloy components made of larger complex thin wall of the whole casting. Some of the advanced aviation large-scale turbo engine fan casing, intermediary casing, the former casing, compressor casing and so began to use titanium alloy casting. Heavy passenger air duct, insulation screen, bracket, frame, trunnion, support frame, brake shell, etc. are also titanium alloy casting to replace the original components.

Military aircraft, the use of titanium alloy casting is also gradually increased, such as: bearings, frames, brackets, brake hooks, the wing of the object, the rudder rotation device bracket, transmission shell parts, hanger support accessories, Practice has proved that the application of titanium alloy castings on the aircraft is successful and reliable. Not only that, at the cost of production, due to the use of titanium alloy castings, so that some of the aircraft design, processing, fastening, assembly, etc. have become less than the original titanium alloy castings when the mechanism is simplified, thus greatly reducing The cost of manufacturing the aircraft.

Titanium alloy castings in the field of space is mainly used for missiles, spacecraft, satellites. The main parts of the application are: missile shell, tail, rudder wing and connecting seat, space shuttle and spacecraft bracket, frame, bearing, accessories, shell, etc., because the titanium alloy casting with high rigidity, light weight and optical Glass equivalent thermal expansion coefficient, also used in artificial satellites and other optical instruments, frame, base, frame and shell.

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