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China's annual bone defect or bone injury in patients with about 3 million people bones is not perfect to reach 10 million people. However, most of the domestic market share of biological materials is still dominated by foreign products, high-end bio-materials products, foreign and even occupy more than 95%. With the expansion of medical coverage, the growth of people's life expectancy by 2015 is expected to require 500,000 sets of artificial joints per year, 1.2 million blood stents per year, and a large number of bone-bone plate, artificial heart valves and so on. It can be seen that China's clinical demand for biomedical metal materials is huge. The current medical titanium alloy and other materials industry scale is difficult to meet the needs of the market. China's biomedical titanium alloy industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Development Trend of Biomedical Titanium Alloy

With the deepening of our medical system reform and the expansion of medical coverage, more bone tissue injury and alternative patients have to be treated. The demand for all types of titanium implantation and intervention materials and their medical device products will increase year by year. Therefore, the development of low cost and high biocompatibility and mechanical compatibility of titanium alloy medical device products, can greatly reduce the cost of medical insurance to meet the growing recovery of patients with visceral function and improve the quality of life needs. I believe that the development of bio-medical titanium alloy needs to achieve the following breakthroughs.

Cut costs. As a result of the preparation of highly biocompatible β-type titanium alloy, the main additive element density, melting temperature and titanium alloy difference, resulting in uneven ingot organization, and the subsequent processing complex, resulting in high prices of titanium alloy medical equipment products. The development of powder metallurgy technology instead of ingot metallurgy can enhance the quality of titanium alloy products, reduce costs; the use of laser rapid prototyping technology can also greatly shorten the titanium alloy medical equipment products process, reduce product costs. The development of low cost and high biocompatibility of titanium alloy and its medicinal products will be one of the trends in the development of biomedical titanium alloy.

Titanium alloy upgrades and redevelopment. In order to improve the biocompatibility and chemical stability of titanium and Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy in the application of medical devices, the use of amorphization, surface nanocrystallization and microcrystallization, as well as surface modification and activation technology, So that the comprehensive mechanical properties of a substantial increase in the promotion of orthopedic implants or dental prosthetics products in clinical applications.

Development of low elastic modulus, high biocompatibility, high specific strength β-type titanium alloy. The novel β-type titanium alloy has excellent biocompatibility and mechanical compatibility, and has a good prospect in the field of medical implant. Should be prepared in the application of artificial hip, knee, bone plate, broken bone fixation screw, vascular stent, cardiac repair surgery, pacemaker and artificial heart.

Therapeutic application is an important development direction of titanium alloy functional materials in China. To strengthen the development of biomedical materials, medical equipment design and manufacturing and clinical trials of cooperation, and further development of new high-performance medical titanium alloy equipment to promote the traditional Chinese medicine titanium alloy industry optimization and upgrading to achieve foreign high-end medical equipment products, People, is the relevant medical titanium alloy industry workers in the objectives and responsibilities.

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