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Titanium wire with carbon to form a stable high hardness carbide. Between the titanium carbide and carbon growth from layers of titanium carbide layer, the diffusion rate is determined.
The solubility of carbon in the titanium is small, at 850X: when a total of 0.3% while the 600C 0.1% B about dropped because the solubility of carbon in the titanium is small, substantially only through the layer of titanium carbide and a lower fork domain deposited layer to achieve the purpose of surface hardening. Must be carried out under conditions of oxygen removal carburizing, carburizing steel used as suitable powder against the surface of carbon monoxide or carbon monoxide and oxygen to form a surface layer hardness of 2700MPa and 8500MPa, and head. Be easily peeled off.
Compared with this, the oxygen decarburization conditions or in charcoal carburization may form a thin layer of titanium carbide.The hardness of this layer 32OUOMPa, in accordance with the hardness of titanium carbide. Substantially greater than the depth of carburized layer under the same conditions with nitrogen nitriding nitriding depth. Under conditions of oxygen enrichment of oxygen absorption must take into account the depth of hardening effect. Only a thin layer thickness conditions, in a vacuum or argon - methane atmosphere, the toner can be formed infiltration sufficient adhesion strength when compared with this, using a gas carburizing agent may form extremely hard and good adhesion hardened layer of titanium carbide. While 950T: and 10201: temperature conditions between the formation of hardened show in 50fim between and. As the thickness increases, the titanium carbide layer becomes relatively brittle and tend to peel off t Rui alkoxy order to avoid decomposition of carbon leaving the invasion of inclusions of titanium carbide layer, should be approximately 2% of the volume fraction of the requirements alkyl Rui dose additive in an inert gas for gas carburizing. When using methane, propane and the use of additives when the carburization to a lower surface hardness. When the adhesive force reaches Wu Mao OkPa carburization under conditions of propane gas is used, although the measured thickness of the hardened layer is very thin, but it has the best wear resistance. In using a gas carburizing condition based absorb hydrogen, but the vacuum annealing but had to remove it.
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