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Application of titanium alloy material in titanium bicycle frame

The unique properties of the titanium material make it an excellent material for making a titanium bicycle frame. Its high strength, low density and low elastic modulus (elastic modulus can be regarded as an indicator of the degree of elastic deformation of the material) Anti-fatigue and corrosion resistance, so that the titanium alloy frame is not only very durable, and very light.

Titanium material does not break, will not rust. In an atmospheric environment will not be corroded. Titanium is so resistant to corrosion, do not even need any paint treatment, we just gently rub the surface to brighten its natural qualities, and titanium color is more able to reflect the metal low-key luxury texture. Now you know how to use titanium is a good way to make the frame of the bar, and it seems to be slightly flicker... ...

Titanium like steel also has an inherent flexibility, but this feature is more obvious titanium. Therefore, it has a very slight elasticity, which means that it can absorb the vibration from the road, before it is sent to the driver. (titanium seat can also eliminate some of the shock) will have a very smooth ride feeling.

Therefore, you will have a very smooth ride feeling, even if you are in the asphalt of the road.

Unlike aluminum or carbon bike frames, titanium bike frames do not break suddenly in the accident. This is explained by the fact that, like steel, it will have some flexibility. (In fact, titanium is more flexible than steel, which is why it's riding quality is so famous for its reasons.) More like steel because it has incredible strength; but it is much lighter than steel, Rusty.

Advantages of ttitanium bicycle frame
1. Titanium is part of the safest and environmentally friendly metal materials. Titanium waste produced in the production is completely recyclable.

2. As a high strength and plastic material composition, titanium has a unique riding quality. It is not just durable, but also can prevent the loss of energy, its flexibility and can reduce the vibration from the road, so long-distance ride has become very comfortable.

3. Titanium has a strong resistance to fatigue and corrosion resistance. Its life is longer than other metals, which make it the world's most suitable for making a bicycle frame material. Do you know what additional non-titanium frame in the world can provide you with a lifetime guarantee?

4. Titanium has exceptional strength to weight ratio and hardness to weight ratio.

5. Titanium has a great resistance to wear and can be repaired. Some other material of the frame in some transport or competition caused by the impact will be strictly affect the life of the frame, and even cause the frame scrapped.

Titanium gives the unique connotation of the titanium bicycle frame, it never becomes a transitory fashion product, but your collection of life. Pleiades of precious materials and superior processing technology, so that titanium alloy frame will always maintain high prices and high quality.
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