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Titanium and titanium alloy castings

Titanium Casting primary use in the aeroplane industry, Such as the engine compressor, blades, hollow guide, the inner ring, supercharger impeller, bracket, short beam, and it also widely used in the manufacture of anticorrosion pump, and the valve, the impeller, ship propeller; artificial joints, the prosthetic components, golf head, harness, bicycle parts, etc.

With R&D experience of titanium casting , intercity titanium developed titanium casting techniques , including ceramic mold investment casting , machined graphite mold casting ,which cover almost all titanium alloy casting techniques in the world.

Machined graphite mold casting
This method can simplify molding and effectively control metallurgical quality Thicker and larger size castings can be made precisely by this method .

Ceramic mold titanium investment casting
The titanium investment castings have an alpha case of 0.2mm thickness enable machining work easy and economical .
1. Near size shaping . reducing machining work thus less total manufacturing cost .
2. Ensuring the dimension and location precision .
3. Logos can be cast very clearly and beautifully .
4. Parts with large size complicated shape and thin wall can be produced .

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