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Titanium Prosthetic Components titanium alloy artificial limb,titanium die casting


We can provide Titanium Artificial Limb Parts, Titanium Limb Parts, Titanium Double Adapter, Titanium Rotatable Socket Adaptor. Titanium Rotatable Socket Adaptor,


Characteristics: Unique corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, lower limb prosthetic components     

Application: Mainly used in prosthesis field, hospital rehabilitation center and other fields    


GR2 ,GR5 (Ti6Al4V), GR5 ELI
ASTM B367-1993, AMS 4991C-2002, AMS-T-81915A , 
YY0117.2-2005 (surgical implant), 
DIN 65083-1986 (Aerospace; heat treatment of castings of titanium and titanium alloys). 
The Minimum thickness of Casting: 0.8mm 
The Max size of Casting: diameter 1200mm×600mm 
The weight of Casting: 0.001kg~50kg 
Surface Roughness: Ra3.2~6.3μm


Titanium investment Casting Process : 3D design; Mould manufacture - Wax pattern made - Wax Module combining - Shell fluid dipping-  Dewaxing -  Shell roasting - Melt pouring - Gate removing - Precise finishing - Argon arc welding cut-  Sand blasting - Clearing and finishing - Correction and inspection


We can also manufacture products according to drawings or samples or your requirements!

Titanium die casting

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