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Application of titanium alloy castings in aerospace field

In many countries, the industry of titanium casting should be set up according to the development of aerospace and aerospace. Up till now, in developed countries, the production of aerospace and aerospace products for casting stands still accounts for over 50%.

Aircraft flap slides, the force is not so large medium and small structural parts, including bearings, joints, frames and hinge frame.

The use of titanium alloy castings has achieved satisfactory pecuniary results. The quality of titanium alloy castings has been continuously improved. Coupled with decades of experience, the safety and reliability of titanium alloy castings used in aircraft structural parts have become widely accepted by designers.

With the titanium machine titanium alloy castings and then the application of the promotion of the aircraft, many of the force structure has begun to use titanium castings, Boeing aircraft mounted on the engine hanger installation, and now uses the Ti-6Al-4V casting, China's aircraft with the support of the engine connector, up to 2.13m on the 777 aircraft Ti-6242 high temperature titanium heat shield, aircraft brake shell titanium alloy castings, helicopters rotary carrier, hub and so on.

Aircraft engine

Bearing shell, bracket, fittings, adapter ring, compressor casing, titanium alloy casting the entire impeller, the engine rotor hollow blade titanium alloy casting and so on.

Missile spacecraft

Titanium alloy castings used on missiles are more common, with tail, warhead shell, rocket shell and connecting seat. Titanium alloy castings used in spacecraft and satellites are mainly organizational components such as supports, plate racks and joints, and camera frames on satellites.

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