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China rolled titanium plate

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China Wholesale rolled titanium plate Manufacturer Factory Supplier

The density of titanium is 4.506-4.516g/cm^3, melting point is 1668,boiling point is 3535. In the appropriate oxidizing environment also has excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, products are widely used in aerospace structural materials, such as aircraft, rockets, missiles and spacecraft, ship manufacture, chemical industry, conventional weapons, manufacturing, metallurgical industry, health care, ultra-high vacauum and other fields.
General knowledge about titanium:
1. Atomic weight: 47.90
2. Density: 4.51, light
3. Nonmagnetic
4. Melting point: 1668°C±4°C
Titanium Merits: 1. Titanium (titanium alloy) is a strong metal with low density. It has high tensile
strength, and the tenacity (tensile-to-density ratio) of titanium is almost the
highest among that of all metal materials between -253°C to 600°C.
2. Excellent resistance to acid, alkali, and marine corrosion.
3. Nonmagnetic, low linear expansibility

Product name Titanium Sheet

ASTM B265,ASME SB265,AMS 4911,ASTM F67,ASTM F136


Thickness 0.3-60mm
Width ≤3,000mm
Length ≤12,000mm
Grade Gr1, Gr2, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr10, Gr12, Gr23, etc.

T(4.0-60.0) × W(100-3000) × L(1000-12000)mm

T(0.3- 4.0) × W(100-1000) × L(1000-12000)mm


1.high corrosion resistance

2.low density


4.good biocompatibility

The specification can be changed by the customers' requirements.

Titanium Sheet

Titanium Sheet

Titanium SheetTitanium Sheet

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