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Titanium Casting

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Titanium casting

Pump Series,Impeller Series,Valve Series

Application: Chemical, Petroleum, Machinery, Industry, etc.
Grade: C-2, C-3, C-5, C-6 C-7, C-8, C-9, C-12 C-16, C-17, C-18, C-38,
Specifications ASTM B367/GB6614
Technique: Investment (Wax/EPS) Graphite casting
Inspection: 1.Dimension test
2.Chemical Compostion Analysis
3.Mechanics' propeteies test
4.Radiographic test
5.Liquid Penetanet examination

2D Drawing&3D Model

Titanium casting

2D Drawing

Review 2D drawing

Design casting technology

Design casting dimensions

Titanium casting

3D Model

Using CAD software fast and accurate build 3D model.

Ensure the model full meet customer design ideas.

Mould Making

Using CAM software and CNC equipment machine model. Ensure the model have exactly dimensions and better surface.

Titanium casting

Wax Model

Higher dimensional precision and Better surface finish. Casting dimensions tolerance CT5-CT6

Effective method for which complex shape, high precision or difficult to machining parts

Suitable for large quantities of parts which small and complex casting

Titanium casting

EPS Model

Higher dimensional precision and Better surface finish. Casting dimensions tolerance CT6-CT8

Effective method for which complex shape, high precision or difficult to machining parts.

No die cost, greatly reduce the casting cost.

Suitable for any quantities of complex casting

Titanium casting

Graphite Model

Good dimensional precision and surface. Casting dimensions tolerance CT8-CT10

Shorter casting period

Suitable for large size and small quantities casting.

Shell Making

Titanium casting


Material:Titanium and Titanium alloy

Characteristics:High strength light weight corrosion resistant

Standard:ASTM DIN ISO or other required standards.

Casting tolerance:ISO 8062 CT6-CT10

Capabilities:Several vacuum arc melting and pouring units From 80kg to 500kg liquid titanium per pour Maximum Single Cast Weight 400kg Can make pattern quickly ,shorten deliver time

Applications:Airplane ship auto chemical medical sport


Surface Check:MSS SP55 Surface defects visual detection

Dimension Check:ISO 8062 Dimensions check: Wax CT6 EPS CT8 Gr CT10

Finish dimension: ISO 2768 Only for freedom tolerance

X-Ray Test : ASME VIII Div.1 .App.7 Casting internal defects test

NDT Test LPE Test: ASME VIII Div.1 .App.7 Casting surface defects test
UT Test : ASME V Casting internal defects and position test, casting thickness measure

Precision Casting

Investment casting (also known as lost wax casting) is a precision casting methodology that can be used over the widest range of metal types .

Tuopusen manufactures castings ranging from a few grams (about 0.1 oz) in weight to about 400 kg (880 lb). The minimum wall thickness are 0.06cm(0.024 in) .The size can be cast under 200cm X(78in) 100cm(39in).


We provide a full range of machining services to complement the range of alloys used in our casting process and deliver fully finished items or assemblies. such as milling, turning, gear cutting and grinding operations.
CNC lathe & vertical lathe
CNC boring machine
CNC horizontal machining center

Heat Treatment

General Heat Treatment
Annealing, stress relieving,tempering etc.
Vacuum Furnace
Vacuum heat treating is used for bright hardening and tempering, bright annealing

Surface Finishing

We offer several surface finishing options.
Polishing – by hand and automated
Pickling - by assembly line
Abrasive blasting - by assembly line

Inspection & Testing

Titanium casting

Titanium casting

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