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Titanium Clad Copper

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  • Material: Titanium
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Ti Clad Copper has excellent conductivity and is fully ductile for shaping and forming. Ti Clad Copper also has great weldability for connecting, capping and joining.

Compound material product size table
Implement national standard: GB/T12769-2003 ASTM
Technology:rolled +stretch
Definition section shape and size(mm) add material add material Substrate material
layer thickness
square length(20-40) r(3-8) 1.0-2.0 Ti,Zr,Ni,Stainless steel T2,TU2,AL,etc
rectangle length(30-100)width(10-30)r(3-5) 1.0-2.0
drum Dia(25,27,29,32,34)*14 1.0-2.0
round Dia(8-50) 1.0-2.0
wire material Dia(2.0-8.0) 1.0-2.0
Application: Electroplating, electrolysis, wet metallurgy,, petroleum chemical industry,
Energy engineering, ocean engineering,Surface treatment, electrode manufacturing
Advantage 1.Double metal composite bars production new technology patent certificate

2.Corrosion resistance, strong conductive

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