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Titanium plate heat exchanger details are as follows:
1, a small amount of cooling water
Plate heat exchanger because the flow channel due to geometry, and the two kinds of liquids and high thermalefficiency, the amount of cooling water can be greatly reduced. In turn, reduces the pipes, valves and pumps installation costs.
2, the use of the favorable low temperature heat source
Since almost all of the two media countercurrent flow and high heat transfer effects, two medium heat exchangertemperature can reach a minimum 1 ℃. Use it to recover waste heat utilization or low body temperature is the best equipment. Under the same conditions, the heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger, the flow resistance through the loss of a reasonable choice, the tube heat exchanger can be controlled to 1/3 of the range.
3, the heat transfer efficiency
Corrugated plate design and a high degree of thermal conductivity of the target film, the corrugated plate is formed a special channel, the fluid at very low speeds strong interference may occur (turbulent disturbance), network to prevent stain formation and affect pass thermal efficiency is high.
4, the use of safe and reliable
In the design of two plates between the sealing device, while a signal hole event of a leak, perhaps external, that is, to prevent the mixing of two media played a security alert.
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